You don’t need any special reason why you need to visit Costa Rica.

We will give you 10 reasons why you need to visit Costa Rica.

If you ask me, one of the most beautiful natures is hidden in Costa Rica. Everything you will see there represents a special piece of the whole mosaic.

This journey will make you pack your bags. You’ve heard this before and I will say it again.

Pack your bags! I mean it.

You won’t want to leave Costa Rica as soon as you touch its ground.

Enough chit chat let’s see why your next destination is Costa Rica

1. The People


You will definitely fall in love in the Costa Ricans. Their friendliness and warmness will make you feel like home. Their love for the tourists is driven by their PURE LIFE motto.

2. Celebrations and Traditions


These people are just amazing. They can’t wait something to happen to celebrate. They have their own traditions that lead to having fun. It’s all about cheering, laughing and loving.

3. Volcanoes

This is Volcano Poas


And this is Volcano Arenal


4. The Towns


You have to visit as many towns as you can.

5. The Food


Now we are talking. The food is something special. Don’t worry about being a picky eater when you are in Costa Rica. Once you try something from their cuisine, you will want to eat everything.

6. The Cloud Forests


The special thing about the forests is that they are always cloudy. Don’t ask me why or how, you just enjoy it. Don’t get lost and live in the fairytale.

7. The Wild Animals


Yes, they are friendly like the people. Not every one of them, though. This is Toucan and he is awesome!

8. The Fruit


The fruit is tasty and crazy looking. At first, you won’t want to try it because of its looks, but after that you won’t have the strength to leave it aside.

9. The Mountains


You can’t visit Costa Rica without visiting Cedral  Tarbaca or Monteverde. Manuel De Antonio is incredible.

10. The Beaches

You see what we did here right? – We left the best for last. The beaches are “love at first sight”. The sand is soft and the water is another part of the story. Its crystal clear waters will make you stay forever without going out of it.

This is Manuel Antonio


…and this is Playa Hermosa