Pura Vida World Vacation

Pura Vida World Food

Pura Vida Avocado Tree. We have spent about two weeks here at the house.  We are amazed each day and night at the view up here on the mountain.  We did something today that is something fairly simple but it is yet another detail of how wonderful it is to stay at Pura Vida World.  It was lunch time today and we decided to have taco salad and some leftover chicken tortilla soup I made yesterday.  So as my wife was warming things up and preparing for lunch, I walked outside down to a few of the trees on the property.  There are lots of fruit trees and several avocado trees here.

So I picked some ripe avocados and took them back into the house.  We washed them and peeled and sliced them.  Here is a picture of what is left after we took all the good stuff out.

We placed them in the chicken tortilla soup and on the top of the taco salad.  What an amazing addition to the meal.  You should also notice how green the lettuce is and how red the tomatoes are here.  The vegetables and fruits are the best in the world.  Each Saturday there is a “ferria”, farmers market, in Aserri just a 10 minute drive down the mountain.  It runs each Saturday from 5 AM to Noon.

So here is the final pictures of our meal today.  Chicken Tortilla Soup garnished with avocado with some corn bread on the side.  And a beautiful taco salad with the avocado on the top.  It was wonderful.

It was delicious or “muy rico”.  Many people that have never been here wonder if the food is good or how they will like it.  I will make this statement.  When I go back home to Texas, I will really miss the food here in Costa Rica.  It is simply amazing.  The relaxed and friendly culture here along with the great food makes for a wonderful vacation here at Pura Vida World in Costa Rica.