Redefining Affluence in Costa Rica

Redefining Affluence

Redefining Affluence I recently came across an article written by Tera Maxwell.  It resonated with me on several different levels.  For people that are thinking about living in Costa Rica or just visiting, it is a great read.  She hits on several points that hit home with me.  Redefining Affluence for her was in the Pacific Coast.  Redefining Affluence in…Read More→

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Costa Rica Vacation Guide

Monteverde Costa Rica

Costa Rica Vacation Guide Your Costa Rica vacation is so much more than just a destination.  It is an interactive sensory experience. The country has an enormous array of environmental attractions. Some of these are majestic volcanoes, misty cloud forests, stunning river valleys, and hundreds of beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Costa Rica has a fascinating ecological story,…Read More→

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San Andreas Costa Rica

San Andreas Costa Rica We travelled down to San Andreas Costa Rica to see a beautiful part of Costa Rica.  This is the area where some of the best coffee is grown in all of Costa Rica. This photo is down at the river bottom surrounded by coffee plants in San Andreas Costa Rica.  So many beautiful red coffee beans…Read More→

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