Costa Rica Culture

Although famed around the world for their laid-back Costa Rica Culture and friendly, welcoming demeanor, Costa Ricans – known colloquially as Ticos – place great value on the importance of education and democracy. Unlike some other Latin American nations, much of the country is literate, and Costa Rica permanently abolished its military more than 60 years ago.

With so much to offer and a colorful past, Costa Rica Culture is the ideal destination for tourists who want to explore the fascinating history of Latin America amid some of the most stunning scenery found anywhere on Earth.

A Lesson From Costa Rica

Pura Vida World Tarbaca

By Jason Hickel Earlier this summer, a paper published in the journal Nature captured headlines with a rather bleak forecast. Our chances of keeping global warming below the 2C danger threshold are very, very small: only about 5%. The reason, according to the paper’s authors, is that the cuts we’re making to greenhouse gas emissions are being cancelled out by economic growth. In…Read More→

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