San Jose, Aserri, Tarbaca, Costa Rica

Mountain Home

Costa Rica Mountain Home

The mountain home is located in Aserri, San Jose. Just a few miles south of downtown on the Tarbaca Road. This is an opportunity for you to stay at a luxury property in the beautiful, friendly country of Costa Rica.

Pura Vida 

Costa Rica Mountain Home Night

Did you ever just want to look out your front window and have a view that takes tour breath while you are just standing there in a gaze. Never mind washing the dishes, take it all in from atop this mountain property. You can enjoy this everyday at this Aserri Mountain home right out the front door. Just a short drive from San Jose a little ways up the Tarbaca Road sits a 4800 square foot home with a view of San Jose that is hardly believable. When you look through the glass walls you see the beautiful valley of San Jose. The photos tell a good story, however there is nothing like the scenic beauty looking across the San Jose and the city of Cartago over top of the valley to the Poas` and  Irizu Volcanos. This luxury home is well located in the center of it all.

Costa Rica Mountain Home View

The property is really not that far from the Juan Santamaría International Airport, the airport was named the 3rd Best Airport in Latin America and is named after Costa Rica’s national hero, Juan Santamaría, a courageous drummer boy who died in 1856 defending his country. Costa Rica is a proud and peaceful country that offers a wide range of tourism, home and hospitality. From the Caribbean through the mountains to the Pacific there are multitudes of everyday folks that are living the good life {Pura Vida} and will do what it takes to help a stranger. I know fist hand, while on the Tarbaca Road I was waiting on a gentlemen to help me find the 4800 square foot home sitting on the 5300 foot hill side, there were two more gentlemen that pulled up and they just figured I looked lost, well not lost but was certainly looking for that sweet spot called Casa Blanca, they did not know english and I did not know spanish, but with fingers pointing and lots of conversation we parted ways not knowing what we were there for. But I will tell you this, they were trying to do their best to help me.

Costa Rica Mountain Home inside

Well I made it to the gorgeous grounds that surround this luxurious home and who else but the gentlemen that is the security guard for the estate greeted me with a smile, the same man giving me directions back on the Tarbaca Road. He and his family instantly welcomed me in and showed me around with the help of a good neighbor. The property views are astounding and if you are looking for a place to call home away from home, look right here in Tarbaca, the county of Aserri, just a few miles South of San Jose Costa Rica.

While visiting this fine luxury property visit the Ram Luna Restaurant , aside from being a great place to eat, it is a great landmark just down from the property. I enjoyed the atmosphere, warm fire while watching the clouds roll in and around the mountain side just outside the window being almost able to touch them with my fingertips. There are many other areas of interest that can be explored while visiting in Costa Rica such as the Rivers and Coastal Beaches, Tropical Rain Forest and many mountain hideaways. Boundless travel opportunity is at you fingertips and you can enjoy each coast with less that two hours travel distance to either the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean side of the Atlantic.  This is a place that you do not want to leave and here is your opportunity to visit this Costa Rica home.

We have many local friends that love to visit us up on the Tarbaca Mountain.  The many coffee farms up in the Tarbaca mountain provide some of the best coffee in the world.  We love to enjoy this coffee any chance we get.

The last thing I want to leave you with is the incredible view at night.  Not very often do chills run up my spine, but every time I see this view at night it is amazing.  It has to be one of the most beautiful views of the San Jose valley in Costa Rica.

Tarbaca Mountain Home View

If you are wanting additional information on the San Jose, Aserri, Tarbaca Costa Rica Property, please contact the owner at 214-202-1855 or email the owner and get first hand access to the property.